Saturday, July 19, 2008

Biomolecular machines

Let's have a look at the recent interesting discoveries regarding the intracellular biomolecular machinery that are crucial for life to exist.

Intracellular biomolecular machinery include the following:
1) DNA replication and repair machinery (replisome)
2) DNA transcription machinery and RNA processing and translation machinery (Spliceosomes and ribosomes)
3) Cell cycle signaling network (pRB, e2F, CDKs)
4) Programmed cell death machinery (Apoptosis, autophagy, mitotic catastrophe etc.)
5) Protein processing machinery (Chaperones, ubiquitin-proteasome system)
6) Intracellular signaling networks (protein kinases and phosphatases)
7) Mechanical machines for intracellular shuttling of biomolecules and cellular movement (Microtubule network, kinesin, dynein)
8) Energy production machines (Electron transport chain, F0F1 ATP synthase)

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